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The beginning..

My life started on November 5th, 2015 that when I was introduced to the world. My mom and dad had a mix feeling, and a really hard time because I wasn’t supposed to come for another 3 months! I only got to be held by my parents on my third day of life, it was a really hard 3 days for them. I had lots of wires and tubes connected to my tiny body. My mom and dad had to watch these monitors connected to me for 75 days and sat there patiently feeding me through the tube connected to my stomach. I was born so small I could easily fit into the palm of my dad’s hand, so small that my parents took extra care to hold me tight. Finally, after 75 long days and nights spent at the hospital my parents finally took me home where for the first time ever, I was able to sleep monitor free. I was very excited to embark on my next journey.